Ayalon Insurance

Ayalon employs some 1,100 employees and operates over five regional districts: Tel Aviv, Central, Haifa, Jerusalem, and the Netanya branches, all which operate a wide array of approximately 2,600 agents, with agencies throughout the country. the company operates in several main insurance areas of activity: car insurance, property car insurance, general insurance fields, apartment insurance, Car insurance, Cyber insurance for business, life insurance activities, long-term health insurance while focusing on retirement savings in various types of insurance policies, as well as insurance coverage of various risks, such as disability, loss of working capacity, death and more.

As part of a process of digital transformation that the organization is going through they were also interested in adding a layer of innovation. For this purpose, we ran an organic pop-up accelerator labelled as a “Hackathon” aimed at creating ventures that will bring new value to customers and internal efficiencies.

At the end of the process, it was planned that only three projects would be selected, but out of the ten finalists, four were actually selected for further implementation, with two of them already being put into production. Due to the process’s success the client requested to perform another popup accelerator during the following months.

Applied services